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Available for diner/lunch with a maximum of 50 people and for drinks a maximum of 85 persons.

The Entresol is an open space. It isn’t possible to close this area off from incoming sounds from the restaurant below. The Entresol has his own bar. It is also available for informal meetings. For those kind of events the maximum amount of people depends on the table setting. There is no music or amplified sound available on the Entresol. Click the quotation button below to fill out the form.  We’ll check availibility and send you a quotation.

For further information: or 020-4621646


    Please note this is not an option or a reservation. We ask you to fill out the form below, we will look into availability of the relevant space on the required date. A staffmember will send you a reply and provide you with a quote. This form is for room rental only, and not for restaurant reservations.

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    Available for diner/lunch with a maximum of 100 people and for drinks from 75 till 175 people . The auditorium is an closed-off space of 200sq meter. This space also has its own bar. The auditorium is standard equipped with a beamer and screen. Amplified sound and music is a possibility. We have an extended audio package available for live music and concerts. Click the quotation button below to fill out the form.  We’ll check availibility and send you a quotation. For further information: or 020-4621646


      Let op dit is geen optie of reservering. U kunt het onderstaande formulier invullen, er wordt dan gekeken naar de beschikbaarheid van de des betreffende ruimte. U krijgt bericht terug van een medewerker, die ook een offerte zal verzorgen. Dit formulier is alleen voor zaalhuur, en niet voor restaurant reserveringen.

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